Because our competitive world has changed... for good

Many recognize this. It’s knowing what to do about it that makes up the challenge.

The most successful, and explosive growth leaders of today – and tomorrow – all reflect a new competitive reality, namely, that the new competitive landscape will be shaped less by firm-specific strategies than by business ecosystems.

What they are, what role(s) you can play within them, and what capabilities you bring to the table to do so is what Topple describes, based on lessons learned, models used and insights gained from explosive growth companies around the world.

The book helps you 'make sense' and 'take action' on the new competitive landscape on which every company, everywhere is engaged.

What Others Are Saying:

Acritical read for anyone or any organization expecting to stay competitive in the immediate future. –Dan Wollenberg, Senior Vice President, Transformation, JPMorgan Chase

The world has already changed. As an industry, we tend to be behind in how to take advantage of those changes. That's where Topple comes in Read and act. –Michael Chan, CEO, RHB Bank

Navigating your company so that it is essential in your ecosystem is the only goal worth investing inl this book's insight and methodology take that impreative from the world of fuzzy concepts to the reality of pragmatic execution. –Dylan Garnett, CEO, Metropolitan Health

This book is literally groud zero in the boundary-blurring, industry-topping, ecosystem-centric future of value creation for forward-thinking corporations. –Scott Cohen, Cofounder, Innovation Leader

A tour-de-force of what may well be the most significant change in how we build and grow value in the 21 centruy! insightful, powerful and thought provoking, Topple will forever change the way you look at business. –Thomas Koulopoulos, Chairman, The Delphi Group