In the Old Testament, Joshua blew his trumpet and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. In the business world, competitive uncertainty is the trumpet that breaks down your company walls. Collaboration–within your company, with partners, with competitors–gives you the power to embrace competitive uncertainty, and to create the innovation you need to exploit its opportunities. But how? Collaboration opens new possibilities, but also exposes your business to new risks. Whether and how you should employ collaboration are difficult questions. How do you exploit collaboration? How do you know which type is relevant and effective for you? When do you enter and exit a collaborative venture? How do you ensure that you do not suffer the same fate as Jericho?

No matter what you call it–strategic partnership, key alliance, business-to-business connectivity, supply-chain integration, co-opetition, or preferred provider status–collaboration is fundamentally about aligning your activities and processes with those of other organizations to create shared value and manage shared risk. Within this simple concept lies deep operational complexity. In The Jericho Principle, top business and technology strategists explore the complexity and provide models, maps, and tools for using collaboration to help managers, executives, and consultants understand the patterns, explore the options, and exploit the opportunities for effective collaboration.

Ralph Welborn and Vince Kasten provide proven frameworks and pragmatic steps to help you determine when, where, and why a collaborative venture makes sense. They help you understand and implement different forms of collaboration using frameworks, case studies, examples, and recommendations to provide a clear view of the promise and the peril. The strategies they present have been tested and proven with clients across the world in industries from telecommunications to financial services. You will understand how to make collaboration work for your company.

What Others Are Saying:

Acritical read for anyone or any organization expecting to stay competitive in the immediate future. –Dan Wollenberg, Senior Vice President, Transformation, JPMorgan Chase