Get It Done: A Blueprint for Business Execution

There remains a persistent gap between what executives want to get done – strategically – and what actually gets done, operationally. What’s going on here, and how to we bridge those gaps between strategic intent and operational reality?

Every and all organizations consist of different stakeholders, with their own processes, objectives and for many, different motivations and performance metrics. They may use the same language and claim alignment around the same business objectives, but how they interpret that language and certainly execute on those objectives differs, logically enough, because of the different parts of the organization they lead. Which inevitably leads to gaps both between strategy and execution as well as across different business areas.

How to close these gaps is the focus of this book. Welborn and Kasten also examine the issues, problems, and constraints that confound business leaders trying to build a culture of execution. As with an y business objective, they illustrate that significant gaps exist between demands for a culture of execution and making it happen pragmatically, consistently, and effectively. They show how to bring such a culture to life helping you get it done with a wealth of practical tools, techniques, and methods.

What Others Are Saying:

Acritical read for anyone or any organization expecting to stay competitive in the immediate future. –Dan Wollenberg, Senior Vice President, Transformation, JPMorgan Chase